Rositini Rosin

Rositini rosin is made by hand by for us by Melos rosin in Greece to our exacting requirements. We have created a rosin which is made from the finest natural ingredients. This rosin has been specifically formulated to work with smaller strings.

rositini rosin

  • doesn't contain chemicals or fillers
  • made with natural pine resin from Greece
  • low dust
  • balanced warm sound across the instrument
  • designed especially for fractional sized instruments which have smaller strings
  • small in size to be comfortable for smaller hands
  • made in small batches so that the rosin is always fresh

Can a rosin really make a difference?

Yes it can. Some rosins produce a scratchy sound or are too grippy for small gauge strings. Rosin is one of the cheapest ways that you can help an instrument to sound better.

We know that having a child learning an instrument can be expensive for parents. When you're standing in a shop deciding whether to spend money on the cheapest product or something with a higher price it's often the cheaper product that will be bought. But as musicians ourselves we know that buying too cheaply can often be false economy and that the benefits of buying something a little bit better can be great.

rositini rosin for violin

rositini rosin for viola

rositini rosin for cello